Why Join?

By joining 'The Friends' you will be doing a number of things . . .

You will be doing something meaningful - contributing not only to our churches' badly needed maintenance funds - but also to this unique community.

By donating a small amount annually you will help to ensure that the two churches remain as a heritage for the future.

If you wish (there is no commitment) you can enjoy the many village events held each year - as a 'Friend' we will send you advance notice of these and give you priority with ticket bookings.

You can meet up to help physically in clearing the churchyards, only twice a year, but holding back the onslaught of nature . . . and enjoying cake, a hot drink or perhaps something a little stronger!

You will hopefully feel you're a greater part of the community - being a true 'Friend' of the churches and of the villages.

How to Join

Simply download the application form and commit to a minimum of £10 per household per annum, ideally paid by standing order which will make the annual renewal of membership automatic. If you choose to pay by standing order directly with you bank, please email your contact details to Gail Smith

Paying via 'Gift Aid' allows us to recoup 25p in every pound.

Make sure you give us your email address - it will allow us to contact you easily with news and early notice of 'Friends' events to get involved with.

Download a form and send it or take it to Gail Smith as indicated on the form.

Download an application form here.

Read our GDPR policy here.

We are very fortunate to have members who contribute to the works that keep our two ancient churches
in good condition. Unfortunately, the recent quinquennial inspection of Clapham church found that much
work is needed to repair the north roof and the tower which will be costly. Donations (be they large or
small) from grant giving organisations will be sought and our insurers will be consulted. Many members
have made their annual contribution without any increase for a number of years. If you wish to increase
your standing order or if you are a UK tax payer and wish to provide gift aid please contact Sue Isaacs,
Email: Tel: 01903 871683

Legacies and Bequests
If you would like to include the Friends in your will, all you need to write is:

“I give % of my residuary estate OR I give the sum of £ (pounds only) free of all taxes to The Friends of Clapham and Patching Churches, registered charity number 1059567 for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of an officer of The Friends of Clapham and Patching Churches shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.”

Thank you.