Welcome to the Friends


Our historic churches are currently open for private prayer as follows:

St John the Divine, at Patching is open daily from 10am till 4pm.

St Mary the Virgin, at Clapham is open daily from 10am till 4pm. Please enter by the South door. 

Public Worship is taking place our churches at the moment. 

1st Sunday 10am Eucharist Clapham

2nd Sunday 8am BCP Communion Patching 

3rd Sunday 10am Eucharist Patching

4th Sunday 8am BCP Communion Clapham

5th Sunday, the services vary, please see the Parish website for details.


We ask that you wear a face mask in church, sanitise your hands when entering and sign the register for "track and trace" purposes and observe social distancing rules.

Please visit the Parish of Findon, Clapham and Patching Facebook Page.


Thank you for visiting The Friends of Clapham & Patching Churches website, where we hope you will enjoy browsing through information about our villages, churches and ourselves.

We explain here why we exist, what our aims and activities are. We offer some historical facts about our two villages and their churches.

Clapham and Patching are two villages less than a mile apart on either side of the A280, the 'Long Furlong', between Worthing and Arundel in West Sussex. They have a small but thriving community with many shared activities, and are a Parish of three country churches (together with Findon) - all of differing character in this rural setting, nestled in the rolling hills of the South Downs - in an area now designated as a National park.

As with many peaceful communities, we are not without pressure from external forces. Planning proposals, local authority policies and financial constraints all force us to keep active and diligent to safeguard our villages. We also face the effects of time and nature on our most precious heritages - our churches, which have suffered from falling patronage and slow deterioration over the years. They are why we exist, as you can read in 'About Us'.